Arctic Air Heating and Cooling - Do not do business with these people.

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do not do business with Arctic Air Heating and Cooling.they are overpriced and their business ethics are horrible.

they came to my house this summer to fix my air conditioner. they claim that their policy is to have the customer sign the form prior to any repair. that is false. when the guy came to my house, he did not consult me first, claimed to have put some little part in it and charged me $400.

he was pleased to announce that at least "it was not $700". he badgered me into signing the form after the work was done. he stood between me and my front door. imagine that in my own home.

When I tried to speak with the owner, he immediately became defensive and started yelling and threatening court action. I suspected that he had had this discussion before. he would not even listen to what I was saying.

he got paid I guess that is all that matters.How is it that this business is still going.

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Arctic Air Heating and Cooling - Consumers BEWARE of the Criminals at Artic Air

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Artic Air Heating and Cooling Company serviced our furnace on the coldest day of the year.They did not perform a true diagnosis, and simply started replacing parts not broken.

They started small ($200 item) and after we bought that, they tried to increase it to a $600 item. They would not leave the used parts. We called another company, who fixed it with the $200 item, which was included under warranty afterall (no charge for the part). They also refused to address our complaint.

The company is located in Gladstone, MO.

The owner does not listen to the consumer.The company hires criminal employees who try to steal from the consumer by replacing parts that aren't broken so they can be paid a commission.



I agree with you!my heat recently went out on one of the hottest days this summer.

they came out and they were supposed to tell me what the problem was prior to doing anything. the person that came out did not do that. he put some little part in it, did not request my signature or authorization to do the work and charged me $400. he badgered me in my own home to make me sign the form.

he stood between me and my front door. He also made a phone call to someone prior to filling out the invoice. he was proud to tell me that "at least it did not cost $700". I tried to speak with the owner but he would not even listen.

he started yelling at me and threatening court. "that signature is good in court". he was so defensive, I knew he had had this conversation before.

do not do business with this company.I believe they have another shop to besides the one in Gladstone, MO

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